Soccerex – The Global Leader for the Business of Football

Football Global Convention in Manchester

In the 21st century, football has become one of the world’s most lucrative industries with construction deals, sponsorships, merchandising, television rights and player transfers all contributing to an annual turnover estimated at over €19bn.

Football is big business and since 1995 such has been leading the way in bringing together the football industry, providing a unique platform for the game to learn, network and do business.

That company is Soccerex – The Global Leader for the Business of Football

MANCHESTER is hosting The Soccerex Global Convention from September 6th to 10th 2014. It is known as the World’s biggest football business affair. Manchester will welcome the global influential men and women in the business of football. During this event these influential movers and shakers will come together to discuss, network and generate big business especially here. The city has the privilege of enjoying not one but two international and extremely successful city teams. Manchester United and Manchester City.. This event will be in the city of Manchester for 5 whole days and includes in its agenda a two day Festival. We will be visited by the games most important administrators which includes celebrity legends and industry leaders from around the world. Soccerex uses this event as a stage to inform the worldwide industry on the most recent developments.

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