The Midland Hotel – a True Mancunian Icon

There are few places as steeped in the history of the great City of Manchester as the historic and beautiful Midland Hotel, 16 Peter Street, Manchester, M60 2DS.

Construction began on this grand and imposing edifice back in 1898 with it opening its doors to welcome the very first guests on 5th September 1903. Since then The Midland Hotel has played host to scores of well-heeled patrons over more than a century and even today it is still considered to be one of Manchester’s most prestigious and opulent hotels.

The Midland can boast of many famous visitors over the years, which even include royalty – Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother who, in 1959, dined in the hotel’s Trafford Restaurant following a visit to a Royal Variety Performance at the nearby Palace Theatre.

The Beatles were once famously refused entry as they were “inappropriately dressed” – it seems odd as in this era major celebrities such as these would rarely be refused entry from anywhere they chose to honour with their presence.

The Midland has also played a major part in on of the most iconic brands that England has ever produced, this is where Charles Stewart Rolls met Frederick Henry Royce resulting in the conception of the luxury car brand Rolls Royce.

A somewhat tainted claim to fame is that, supposedly, this beautiful building was coveted by none other than Adolf Hitler who was said to have desired the building as a Nazi Headquarters in the UK – I am sure that this is an association they would rather not have!

The Midland is set in the heart of Manchester and is a gem that is surrounded by many of Manchester’s other prized architectural structures. These include Central Library, the stunningly gothic Manchester Town Hall and the engineering wonder of the Bridgewater Hall to name but a few. This means that guests who stay here are simply spoilt for choice when choosing how to spend their time in Manchester and there are few hotels in Manchester who occupy such a fantastic central position as well as being such an attraction in their own right.

Every year in the autumn the Midland Hotel plays host to one of the two major political parties in the UK; Labour and Conservative who take turns to appropriate the establishment on alternate years. This year it is the turn of the Conservative Party; they will be holding their conference from the 4th October to the 7th October 2015. Many of the most influential party members (and most interesting characters) will be staying during this time.

There was a recent documentary (somewhat unoriginally entitled; The Midland) which was aired on Channel Five which was all about the inner workings of The Midland, unrivalled access to staff and events was allowed to film crews so that viewers could gain a real insight into how this quintessentially English hotel is run and how it still remains a resounding success 112 years after it first opened it doors. The Midland has rode out all of the changes that over a Century can muster, including two world wars, economic booms and busts and changing tastes and fashions, despite everything it has remained a firm favourite with both the residents of Manchester and also with visitors who come to stay here.

When the building was originally built in 1903 it was worth around £1,000,000 – which in those days was a huge sum of money – and in 2011 the building was said to be worth the eye-watering sum of £101,000,000.

The Midland enjoys Grade II listed building status. The architect was Charles Trubshaw and the architectural style can be described as “eclectic Edwardian Baroque”. With a core of structural steel and a façade of terracotta and polished granite, the effect when you first set eyes upon the outside conjures thoughts of sophistication and grandeur. When you step through the revolving doors you will be no less impressed as you discover more of the delights inside. Despite the age and history of this building you can still enjoy the modern comforts that we have all come to expect during your stay – including free wifi access in the rooms.

So whether you’re looking for somewhere to stay for an evening imbued with the history and pride of this great city, somewhere to dine and enjoy an exquisite meal or a classy place to wile away a few hours with a drink in hand – with a good chance of spotting a few celebrity faces whilst you’re there – you should make sure that the Midland Hotel is right at the top of your list!

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