What’s going on in Manchester?

With Manchester raising the bar in so many ways – the fine dining restaurants, huge and exclusive hotels, top spec apartments and essentially the regeneration of various areas. Peter Street in Manchester is one such location which is being given a well deserved face-lift.

Just two years ago Grade ll listed building the Albert Hall was born and is now considered one of Manchester’s most atmospheric and popular live music venues. This stunning and gothic venue was built in 1910 and was one of many Methodist Halls that were erected in the area to provide not only a place of worship but also showcased Saturday night entertainment, including concerts and comedy shows. However, this religious Hall was committed to discouraging people from using alcohol and its main purpose was to highlight that good times are possible without the demon drink. This concept soon lost its appeal and could not keep up with the modern ways of life.

“Peter Street is starting to attract a more discerning crowd than it once did” – this is certainly true as the hustle and bustle of the weekends hit Peter Street is apparent and especially with the emergence of smart new bars and restaurants which beautiful Manchester escorts are often seen sipping their cocktails.

Soon to open in the once tacky plot occupied by Brannigans is Albert’s Schloss, a 3.5 million pound project set to put Peter Street on the map. Manchester’s Trof Group is the brains behind this new and exciting venture and is promising lots of ‘super cool stuff’. It is seemingly one of the last pieces of the jigsaw that is Manchester’s Peter Street and is guaranteed to be grand, extremely cool and very up market as is the premier Exclusive Company Manchester escort agency based in this vicinity. It has been hinted that the venue will be a ‘Bavarian pleasure palace’ and is due to open it’s impressive door in October with the first VIP launch and media shower is scheduled for 15th September and of course Exclusive Company Manchester escorts have their invitation to be there.

The hugely popular and successful Epernay have now confirmed that they will be opening a new bar by the name of No. 1 Watson Street, a Scandinavian themed bar which promises a relaxed and uber cool atmosphere which will also be located on Peter Street. The regeneration of this area is definitely a welcome transformation and the innovative and independent brands which are flying high in the city are certainly a massive bonus in this thriving and vibrant city of ours.

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